Homeowner says old USPS law ‘feels like theft’

October 24, 2017

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – An email Monday let Shannan White know her Amazon package had arrived.

“I went out and checked the mail and there was no package in there,” White said.

Her first thought was theft because she’d heard of recent mail thefts in her Lake Forest neighborhood, but then she checked home video cameras.

It showed a private Amazon courier delivering the package around 12:30 p.m. Monday. When the mailman came around 2 p.m. the same day, the video shows him taking the package out of the mailbox, checking it, and putting it in his truck.

“If we hadn’t had the surveillance, we would’ve called and filed a police report,” she said. “We had no notification, or we weren’t left a note or anything like ‘our package had been taken by the postal service’, or even to contact them.”

The postal service said this wasn’t an accident or the mailman thinking the package was being sent. This was standard policy.

“The use of a customer’s mailbox is restricted to ensure its integrity,” a USPS statement read. “Only Postal Service personnel are authorized to place mail in, or remove mail from, mailboxes.”

“I mean it feels like theft,” White said. “Whether it is or not, that’s what it feels like.”

The law goes back to 1934, when Congress passed the law believing the postal service could lose money to other carriers.


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Jessica Martin Bell

It is not theft. The courier should have done her job. This postal employee did!

Candie Lorenz

Only people in your box should/must have written consent. And no other courier service is allowed to open up the box.

Bobby Bristol

That is what the carrier is suppose to do , NOTHING but USPS mail in that box!!!!!!!!!!
If Amazon wants delivery in that box PAY FOR IT!!

Charles P Salazar

Amazon should either pay the USPS for use of the box or put up their own box.

Michelle Ball Perkins

PO needs to make laws known to amazon!

April Brown Graham

They know.

Mike Shue

I can assure you that every delivery service knows the laws. And I also feel sure that they have told their employees and contractors.

Josh r

especially after they get charged postage for it

Robin Luddington

They already know them.

Charles P Salazar

They have and they do. Amazon needs to train their employees, Dude.


Amazon ups and fedex are aware that mailboxes are property of the United States Post Office and they can not put mail in it.


They have.
Amazon doesn’t tell its delivery people.

Jenn Romberger

If it was delivered by Amazon then it should of been takin to the front door like they want us to do. No one other then usps should be putting anything in the mail box.

Carol Lynn Schofield

Well said

Roxanne Clark

Amazon needs to do their job right or pay people to do it right. USPS only use the box…no one else.

Van Heath

The Amazon carrier owes the USPS money and an apology to the addressee. Amazon knows better than that and I will guarantee the Amazon carrier was told not to put anything in the mailbox.

Michelle Jessica

So does she want anybody just driving up and touching her box?

Jennifer Tiblis

I’ve taken packages out of boxes that FedEx put in there. Take them back to the po and the postmaster sends it back postage due. It was happening everyday last Christmas.

Guy Who Cares

It’s going to feel like theft when that customer gets meds which land in the amazon deliverer’s pockets, or a check, or anything of importance….those guys get paid $10/ hr and are already stealing mail and other folks parcels….literally in the first week of rolling out their own delivery drivers, there’s loads of thefts….. Good for that US Postal Carrier for protecting his/her customer! Amazon owes for the use of the box, and an apology to the addressee…!

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