Great Dane to be killed after postal worker attack

February 15, 2017

A Petaluma Great Dane will be killed after it bit a mail carrier Feb. 4, Petaluma Animal Services announced Tuesday.

Postal worker Winnie He was delivering mail at a Sierra Drive home about 4 p.m. when the large black-and-white dog started growling at her through a screen door. As He — who is 4 feet, 8 inches tall — was walking away from the home, she was overtaken by the dog, an adult male named Merlin. Once on the ground, the dog bit her face and forehead before being pulled off by the owner, according to the case report from Petaluma Animal Services.

The report did not state the dog’s height or weight.

He, who has worked for the post office in Petaluma for four years, also was bitten about two years ago.

This time, however, her injuries required 17 stitches above an eyebrow and 22 stitches under her chin, according to a coworker


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27 Comments on "Great Dane to be killed after postal worker attack"

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Joe Nalley

great..wont have that one biting anybody else

Judith Drudge

Sounds like a vicious attack, and a justified “killing” of the dog. Poor carrier, a total of 39 stitches to the face!

Julie Aguilar


Sally Osborne

Christina Lemley ? sounds like the ones on your rt!

Shannon Harris

I got bitten by a copperhead on my route. I don’t think anyone killed it though. It’s waiting to get my other leg!!

Faye Brumfield

Great Danes are usually gentle giants. My sister has bred and raised them for over 15 years. That dog had to have been raised to have been mean by the owner who should also pay a fine and the postal workers bills.

Shandy Huff

I agree. I own Great Danes, love them. They normally are loving and gentle, unless taught otherwise. Sad for both the carrier and the dog. 🙁

Aaron LaFollette

And that it was obviously not restrained well enough by a screen door. I hope the carrier heals fast and gets past being attacked. Nightmare!

Lu Ar

I blame the owners

Christina Lemley

I have one on my route that has pinned both me and another carrier between the garage and him. He’s horrible!!!

Tammy Slayton Chunn

I wouldn’t be getting out there.

Christina Lemley

I don’t.

Aaron LaFollette

I’d stop delivery to the address, take that up with your supervisor.

I have a dog groomer/ trainer on my route who trains guard, attack, and service dogs. The worst that has ever happened was one jumped into the driver seat of my Jeep while I was dismounted 😀

Stacy Cotton

That’s a shity new story. How did the dog get out? Did the owner open the door? Did the screen rip? A Danes job is to protect the home and everyone in it. It’s the owners fault, not the dog. Anyone that has ever had a great dane or knows anything about them knows it’s not in their nature to attack for no reason. Something is not right with this story. I’m a carrier and have owned great danes.

Matt Robbins

What makes it worse is that she was so small she could have been mistaken for a child and the dog still attacked her!

Lynn Deanna Parker

This happened in our office, Winnie such a sweet lady.

Aaron LaFollette

Please wish her the best from all of us!

Lynn Deanna Parker

Don’t know if she will be coming back, may be too traumatic


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