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Charles Purdy, from Monster, said: ‘The survey results point to bullying in the workplace being alarmingly widespread.
And I am suffering from this kind of bullying, and I can fully understand why so many people have left the company! There is no word “fair” at the post office

Mike Hunt

Wow…. don’t know what to think of this…. I think the producers of this movie are in for a rude awakening if they think this documentary is going to change the culture of the postal service….the public at large doesn’t give a damn about the working conditions Inside the postal service… they see us as lazy overpaid public servants….all John Q Public cares about is getting his Amazon package on time.


I resigned after 13 years because of the way labor employees were/are harassed bullied and mistreated.

Linds Oefelein

Employees, me included, do have to take alot of abuse & harassment, even with a union! I thought a hostile workplace was illegal.???