Georgia postal worker is shot, killed on the job

November 27, 2017

A Georgia postal worker was shot and killed on the job Monday night, according to reports.

The fatal shooting occurred at a post office on Wesley Chapel Road in Decatur, about 11 miles east of Atlanta, police told FOX5.

The postal worker was rushed to the hospital, but died from her injuries, police said.

An investigation is ongoing, and police have not released any information about a possible suspect.


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Kristi Tucker Payne

Praying for her family and work family too.

April Brown Graham

Praying for our fellow carriers family. How horrible.

Steve N Lisa Griffin

Prayers for her family :(( ????

Tori Hook

Wow That’s horrible

Michelle Ellis

Praying for the family

Sally Rose Allen

Oh no this is horrible. ?

Aurora Nevarez

Praying for her family and coworker too thats horrible

Tammy Gidney

Oh no. Sending prayers to family and coworkers. ?

James Sebring

This is getting ridiculous prayers for her family management should be ashamed.

Linda Gambrel

I heard scuttlebutt that it was her ex. He would have gotten her anyway he could… sick relationships do that

Dawn Harris

How is that management’s fault??

Rick Hughes

Please enlighten us as to why you believe mgt should be ashamed.

James Sebring

I will be glad to do that Rick Hughes management should not have carriers out after dark anytime to start with you must be a manager or you would not have to ask such a dumb question. If management would get mail to carriers before 9 am they would not have to be out that late. Apparently you have never tried to carry mail in the dark I have 41 years in this organization and the last 5 years are the worst I have ever seen management sucks if you can’t understand that then try carrying mail in the dark.… Read more »


Maybe you should read the article she was shot AT the post office

James Sebring

She should have already been home not at work.


It doesn’t even give a time ?

MJ Ferguson

Says Monday night

Mary Taylor Fuqua

Sending prayers.?

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