Game Over: Postage Rate Hikes Would Shut Down ESPN Magazine

A plan to increase publishers’ postage rates drastically over the next five years would cause ESPN The Magazine to cease publication, an ESPN official indicated Friday.

If the Postal Regulatory Commission follows through with its plan “to increase our postage rates 40% over the next 5 years then ESPN will not produce a paper Periodical mailed through the USPS,” Dennis Farley, the magazine’s distribution director, said in a statement filed with the PRC.

“The content will be delivered via the many other means we now use to deliver our content,” Farley added, in emphasizing that ESPN would continue as a popular cable network and web site.


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Christopher Paradise

I literally hate the size of that magazine. Sticks out of the case its so big. Won’t shed a tear when it goes.

Crystal Salinas

Seriously? How can ESPN not afford to mail out their ridiculous sized magazines?

Tish Wells

Maybe if they made it 8.5×11, they wouldn’t have to pay extra!

Terri Spurlock Mayo

Make it the right size. But we don’t get any extra count for the oversiZe

Nathan VanAken

It all pays for our checks…

Robby Guevara

ESPN is about to go out of business as is lol

Kevin Olsen

Stop making them the size of a car hood and it will cost less postage.

Sara Stephens

I have about 7 customers out of 875 who get it. I think their loss has nothing to do with the post office.



Don Muraco

Worst magazine ever, no loss

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