Fremont CA: Locking mailboxes to come in all new residences

March 10, 2017

Fremont will be updating part of the city’s code to require all new residential developments to include locking mailboxes, a step the city hopes may stem the tide of recent mail thefts.

In an interview last week, Fremont Community Development Director Jeff Schwob described the change as a common sense move.

“You’re going to buy a new mailbox anyways, you might as well buy one with a lock for five bucks more, right?,” Schwob said, adding that the change wouldn’t significantly alter how developers and contractors do their work.

Jeff Fitch, a spokesman for the San Francisco division of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, said there’s been a rise in mail thefts over the past year or so in Fremont and Union City.


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75 Comments on "Fremont CA: Locking mailboxes to come in all new residences"

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Jessica Sullivan

Hate to be the carrier on that route!!

Elaine Giglio

ugh!!! huge boxes and not a d**n thing fits in the slots

Raylene Miller

Dislike. And why are they so big? Nothing that big will fit in them!!!!!!

Denise Sutton

Amen to that! Cause customers are lazy & dont wanna check mail daily…but, i have some that get full. Those boxes should be illegal

Ruby Owen

Looks like a lot more packages will be going to the door in Fremont

Becky Moore

So wrong for the carrier. My route is 60 percent locking boxes and I have to get out for the smallest packages. We are already overloaded

Cheryl Wolfe Schroth

I have the same problem. So annoying!

Tabitha Gray

Are they allowed to do this on rural routes?? And if the parcel doesn’t fit in the slot we don’t have to take it to the door??

Elaine Giglio

I have 4 of these on my route and 2 of them get meds all the time the just barely don’t go. I take them to the porch

Tabitha Gray

You do. But you don’t have to

Tabitha Gray

And your boxes are like 50 feet from the front door. So it’s not that bad, but when you have to go down a half mile drive way to deliver meds that would have fit in a normal box it sucks

Becky Moore

So I don’t have to deliver packages to the door if I have a locking box and it would of fit ??

Tabitha Gray


Becky Moore


Jenny Denton-Hill

Yes we do. If its less then half mile from the box we have to tale to the door.

Tabitha Gray

Not if it’s a locking box

Becky Moore

I don’t mind, but I am getting hammered out there everyday.

Becky Moore

Barely making evaluation and it’s March

Jenny Denton-Hill

I was told differently those boxes are approved by usps so they must go to door

Becky Moore

I think I will make a call to the union. If it was a few wouldn’t be a big deal, but out of 725 boxes I have 300 plus locking ones

Dot Kelly

You are required to take parcels to the door

Tabitha Gray

If it’s a cbu then yes you have to take it to the door if it’s a locking box like the one shown in the picture then no

Stacy Jo LeAnder

It depends on management. Some require that you deliver to the door and others do not. But I do believe that the argument, contractually speaking is… If it would fit in a regular box, you are not required to take it to the door.

Raylene Miller

Where does the contract address this locking box issue?

Becky Moore

Honestly. I would have so many irate customers because I have been doing it for almost a year.

Pam McDaniel Cox

We do:(

Gary Maher

If the parcel would fit in the box but won’t because the box is locked you are not required to take it to the door. It is in the reg. Locked boxes are not approved for rural delivery me and my previous post master had this discussion and she agreed with me.

Stacy Jo LeAnder

Raylene Miller, I’m not exactly sure where it is in the contract, but the argument is… Many of the pill bottles are counted as flats during count but will not fit in locking box slots, so therefore we are not required or paid to deliver flats to the door. Although like Becky, I deliver them… just because. Ha! I’m not trying to make enemies with people I have to see five days a week. :p


Stacy, pill bottles are supposed to be parcels most of the time not flats.

Jo Kappus

I think somewhere it says customer should have a box large enough to hold their normal mail volume

Stacy Jo LeAnder

Seriously though… The contract reads like this to me…. ” Only on even days when the moon is at half of it’s normal brightness and newts can be seen strolling side by side shall one partake in the practice of partaking (See section 5 ab). Hence, thereby, therefore, and all afterward will be forgotten by blah, blah, blah (Insert what you want to know here) yadda, yadda, yadda. BLAM!

Stacy Jo LeAnder

Basically it’s gibberish and left wide open for argument. :p

Becky Moore


Susie Schulz

Like everything else

Tim Williams

Just wait till you start having to take pill bottles up to the door because they won’t fit threw the slot. Plus all those packages from china.

Cindy Smith

I already have boxes like that where I have to go to the door with medicine bottles.

Cindy Smith

I hate these type boxes!

Angela Carter Roberson

Hate those boxes

Lisa Rittenhouse

No if it would fit in an unlocked box then they get a notice to pick up if they force you to take it to the door your paid actual time

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