Fort Myers family upset that mail carrier won’t deliver packages

May 3, 2017


A Fort Myers family said their mail carrier blames the family’s dog as the reason why they’re not getting their packages delivered to their home.

But their home surveillance camera clearly shows the dog inside the house during her route. And now they want answers.

Gordan and Elizabeth Durant make more of their purchases online. And that means postal workers must haul them to the door.

“It’s prescriptions, it’s baby food, it’s stuff for the house,” Elizabeth described.

Gordan Durant said he is at his wit’s end because his postal carrier stopped delivering the items.

“I think it’s because we were having too many Amazon packages delivered,” he said. “It caused her to come out of the truck more often.”

The postal worker is seen on the family’s home surveillance filling out a receipt which claims the family’s dog is the reason she won’t come to the door.

“And my dog is sitting here in the house with me,” Gordon noted.


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162 Comments on "Fort Myers family upset that mail carrier won’t deliver packages"

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Suzanne Brugioni Stidham

Wonder if they have a sneaky dog, you know, the ones who will hide until you get just far enough away from the vehicle to come at you? I love how these people say that the carriers don’t want to get out of the vehicle, just how many times has the carrier gotten out of the vehicle that day?

Nancy Uhde

I think the carrier should get out for EVERY package if at all possible, regardless of how many times already. Like it or not, that’s your job.

Penny Harlen Barker

Are you saying even with a dog present that has already bitten one carrier?


Of course not. There are measures taken to prevent that. In Grand Rapids at the NW station. If a mail carrier is bitten by an unchained, unleashed, or an animal not fenced in, delivery of mail to that house will be stopped. They will have to get a P.O. Box or have mail forwarded or put in a request to have mail hells until proof that the animal has been removed from the home before mail deliveries to that home can be resumed.


So, they are supposed to make potentially dangerous deliveries, until they are bitten!? It’s just judgement call in safety. People are claiming lazy carriers. I claim lazy, irresponsible dog owners.

Nancy Uhde

I said “if at all possible” If there is a dog threatening to bite I’d say that’s a good reason to leave a slip.


You wouldn’t even get a slip from me!


So if they cannot make a delivery because of a potentially dangerous situation and cannot leave a package, they are expected to deliver a slip? Really?

Nancy Uhde

P,.S, The story seems to be missing the carrier’s testimony.

Alesia Harris

Are you a supervisor

Amanda Cahill

Wrong. If the dog has been aggressive numerous times or the carrier is nervous they have a right to not get out regardless if the dog is inside or not. How do they know where the dog is or if it could barge through the door. It may be our job to deliver packages, but it’s the owners job to make sure it’s a safe environment to do so.

Tom Stephens

Thats why they are now putting dog alerts on scanners. You don’t get out

Alicia Brannon Pinkard

I’ve had to roll my window up at a customer door to keep their dog from jumping in.

Rhonda Baker Bailey

Me too!!!!

Karen Bayles Lee

Me three!!

Donna Moody Davis

I had to stop delivery to a house bc the dog kept biting chunks out of my jeep’s tires.

Amy Gault

Looks like if she had time to sit and watch the carrier on her video camera then she had time to walk her tail out there and get her package! (while leaving the dog inside)

Donna Moody Davis


Lydia Howe Read

There is dog on my route that broke through a glass door trying to get to my sub & they want to know why they don’t get packages!

I think people should treat mail as a privileged and not a God given right. I think Fedex and UPS should deliver their own packages and stop schlepping them off to the PO.I think customers should get larger mailboxes like the USPS wants. I think we should all get off our lazy back sides and go to the local stores, you know the ones that are closing because you click instead of shop.If you think it’s easy I’m looking for my 6th substitute carrier for my route because it’s not as easy as they thought it would be, and they… Read more »
Rural carrier

Actually we are allowed 10 seconds to deliver that package. Think about it…put in park, set brake, unbuckle​, get out, walk to house, watch for barking dog, leave package, get back in buckle up, start engine, release brake, put in drive… All in 10 seconds. Haha try it sometime. Why didn’t​ customer come to door? She saw carrier drive up. Just wants to gripe.


That is true, we are supposed to ATTEMPT ALL deliveries. As a mail carrier myself, I deliver all packages. If a dog is outside, I will blow the horn, wait a few seconds, if no one comes out then I move on to the next one. Sometimes you can’t put a notice on the mail box because of the dog, hence the reason for the option “Animal Interference”.

Sam Williams

The dog was in the house this time, but who knows how many times In the past the dog may have been outside and acted aggressive toward the carrier???

Syble Hufstetler Thomas

Even if the dog is in the house!! What happens when the carrier does go up to the door does the dog go crazy?!!! And jump and bark at the door, so bad that the carrier thinks he might just get her.
I have a husky on my route that is the sweetest dog in the world but when I drive up in my llv that dog goes ballistic and I will not get out of my truck when he is at the front door acting like that.

Nathan W. Collins

Implement the time study and pay us properly for what it actually takes to deliver so many parcels to the door. Not saying carrier was in the right, but neither is working for free/cutting our pay subervisively.

Matt McMahon

Simple solution . ……get a bigger box……once an aggressive dog is known to be on premises delivery may not be attempt……not gonna get halfway to door and dog comes out of bushes . ….instead of watching carrier write up slip …..walk out to box…….get your package . ……duh

Jane Wilson

True. They have the camera and see the truck out there so how about going out to get the packages. I think they’re just looking for a reason to complain.

Karen Hey-Zeller

Idk . I’ve been a little freaked out by some dogs even though they are inside . Who knows if they’ll come out a window ?

Amanda Newman

I’ve had to hold a screen door closed before trying to keep 4 boxers inside the house. No one answered my screams for help, I had to wait for the dogs to get bored so I could run to my car.

Deborah Chopiak Leal

I’ve had a german shepard break down the living room window…. Froze in my footprints….German shepard couldn’t quite manage to leap out the frame. I had my cell with me called boss & cops. Boss said to leave. Cops never showed in the time I was there…I love all dogs, not afraid of any, but this one made me pause…

Jon Webster

I love to beat on the door just to hear em start raising hell! If anybody home they gonna get that a*s off the couch! 🙂

Karen Hey-Zeller

Early on in my sub days .. a not so nice guy let a rutty out while I was delivering a pkg .. scared the life outta me .. the only thing I could do was grab chair off of his deck to put between me and the dog .. I backed all the way to my car taking the chair with me ?.. my leg was shaking so hard it was wonder I could drive . …


And he probably thought it was funny. I’ve had customers do this to me. I don’t understand some people’s mentality.

Teri Slavik

There must have been a previous problem

Christy Childs-Ray

I had a huge growling dog open the door, had to stand there holding the door shut until the owner came.

Amanda Newman

That has happened to me twice only the owners never came.

MJ Butler-Haverly Coons

With tracking etc, people know when parcels are coming, they know theirs a issue with dog/carrier so meet the carrier for heavens sake

Lisa Ann Cogan

Actually, tracking only gives a day & not the TIME of day. 75% of my route has dogs & always inside when I deliver unless the customer is out walking the pup. Dogs barking & scratching behind a door doesn’t bother me. I still deliver! Sometimes the dogs come out to say “Hi” with the owner & It’s never an issue for me. BUT, I have 4 dogs at home so… they can tell.

Stacey Duncan

People ruin this job

Molly McKinney

Not people, dogs.

Rachal Tryon

No people.

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