Fort Mill SC man charged with assaulting mail carrier.

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August 10, 2017

A Fort Mill man was charged with assaulting a postal worker following an altercation at the mailbox.

According to a police report, Mark Omer Mathiason, 74, is charged with third degree assault. Officers were called after 7 p.m. Tuesday to the Carolina Orchards neighborhood, where a postal worker said she was assaulted by a man while placing mail in the boxes.

A vehicle drove up to the boxes, she told officers, and a woman got out and walked toward the boxes. The letter carrier said she told the woman to wait until she finished placing the mail before retrieving it, but then a man got out of the vehicle and shoved her before retrieving mail from one of the boxes. The man then left the scene, she told police.

Noticing a magazine in every box except one, officers contacted Mathiason. He told them his wife went up to get their mail and the postal worker shouted at her to come back later, the report says. Matthiason told police he became angry because the normal postal worker allows him to get mail when the box is open, and he was expecting something important that day.

A witness, who walked her dog to the mailboxes and was waiting to get her mail at the same time, told police Matthiason shoved the postal worker.

Neither Matthiason or the postal worker were injured.


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