1 Comment on "Former postal carrier sentenced in Alaska’s largest ‘mail dumping’ case"

  1. What is with these ridiculous sentences??? These individuals violated a trust and oath they took to protect the mails.Sentences like this encourage people to do the wrong thing as the consequences are minimal.Unmeasurable damage was done to these families who did not receive what was there’s.If their homes were robbed of these items the charges and sentencing would have been more severe. I am a 26 year. Rural carrier.I recently read of someone who cheated owcp of 92k ,was made pay back 20k and do community service. So the carrier in essence was given 72k,for doing the wrong thing.Where the hell is the justice !! Make these sentences be a deterrent,not an open invite to do the wrong thing.Make these sentences reflect the true extent of the serious nature of these wrongs. Don’t Encourage Them with inadequate wimpy sentences.

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