Former Kongiganak Postmaster Pleads Guilty To Embezzlement

A former Kongiganak postal worker has admitted to embezzling money from the United States Postal Service.

Sara Paul was Kongiganak’s postmaster for 18 years. In her final months of employment in 2018, she admitted to stealing $9,222.17 from the Kongiganak post office’s stamp sales and money orders. She used the money to buy personal items, according to federal court documents.

Paul has agreed to plead guilty to a charge of misappropriation of postal funds, and has signed a pre-trial diversion agreement with the U.S. Attorney’s Office. The agreement says if Paul follows a list of conditions for 18 months, prosecutors will dismiss the charge and release her from supervision. Conditions of the agreement include paying back the stolen money and following all laws, among other stipulations.

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