Former ID mail carrier sentenced for stealing mail

District Judge Dane Watkins Jr. sentenced a former mail carrier to four years of probation and eight days in local jail for stealing gift cards and cash from Christmas cards.

Jamie Vandyke, 31, of Idaho Falls, pleaded guilty June 28 to one count of grand theft. An additional count of grand theft and theft by receiving stolen property were dismissed, pursuant to a plea agreement.

Watkins entered a withheld judgment and placed Vandyke on probation. If Vandyke successfully completes her probation the charge could be dismissed. Watkins imposed eight days of local jail with credit for one day Vandyke already spent in jail. Watkins said Vandyke could choose to serve her jail time over a period of seven weeks, serving one day per weekend. Vandyke recently gave birth and was offered staggered jail time so she can attend to her child.

The thefts stem from several incidents in December 2014. A U.S. Postal Service special agent investigated the missing gift cards and cash that never reached their intended recipients. About $1,600 was reported stolen. Investigation determined many of the gift cards were used locally.

Postal inspectors found the amounts to be too small to prosecute federally so the case was handled in Bonneville County. It is a federal offense to open mail that is not yours.

Defense and prosecution jointly recommended probation.


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I find it odd that no where does it state she lost her job.

Dumb ass

Well since it was too low $$$ they said it wasnt federal, so does that mean she didnt? Or couldnt?

What an idiot. Threw away her career for $1600

I only want to see someone’s mail once to put it in the box much less steal it!!! What an idiot

The article states former mail carrier. Maybe she had left the post office prior to conviction or maybe she was fired.

Nothing worse than a thief……

Debra it says FORMER mail carrier. So she may or may not (probably was) have been fired but she definitely no longer works as a mail carrier.

Maybe she was behind on her house payment. Give her a break.

That’s not an excuse. Sympathy for the prior problems, but no sympathy for the latter actions.