Former Carl Junction postmaster pleads guilty to embezzlement

CARL JUNCTION, Mo. — A former Carl Junction postmaster pleads guilty to embezzling nearly $8,000 from the US Postal Service.

28-year-old Ryan Chandler, of Parsons, pleaded guilty to one count of misappropriation of postal funds in a plea agreement Monday.

Chandler worked for USPS from 2011 through July of 2019. He had been postmaster at the Carl Junction office since 2016.

An investigation by the USPS Office of Inspector General found that Chandler had embezzled money and property from the post office starting in January of 2019.

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You swore on a Bible when you took the oath of Postmaster… I hope one day you will rot in hell, you POS!!!

Too young and irresponsible!!

Rotting in hell is a little extreme, but you really should take the oath of Postmaster, and postal worker serious because we are civil servants.

Rude much…. He admitted his wrong doing…  And is dealing with it…. Who are you to judge by saying rot in hell pos?!?!  He didn’t kill someone nor dealt drugs…. A lot more things worse than deserve you rot in hell pos…. He is a good kid who did wrong…. We only see what media says