Forget Amazon: Starship Is A $10/Month Robot Postal Service Launching In San Francisco This Winter

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Today in the British borough of Milton Keynes a new delivery service is launching, one that has the potential to outmaneuver Amazon in terms of convenience and efficiency.

Starship, named after the eponymous company, is a £7.99/month ($10/month) subscription service that delivers all your packages on demand using the company’s fleet of wheeled robots.

From today around 5,000 residents in Milton Keynes will be able to subscribe via the Starship app and send their packages to a unique Starship address. At this address their delivery will be loaded into a Starship bot, then at any time between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. they simply hit a button to call the bot to start making its way to their home or office within the hour.

“A world’s first for on-the-ground autonomous package delivery,” is how Lex Bayer, Starship’s chief executive officer, described it to Forbes. “People will never have to worry about missing a package ever again.”


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