For New Addresses, USPS Will No Longer Deliver Mail to Your Door

May 4, 2018

The U.S. Postal Service will no longer deliver mail to the door for new addresses, pushing mail recipients to instead cluster their mailboxes in a centralized area.

The new policy marks a sharp shift as the agency continues to find ways to cut costs and follows through on a proposal for which it has long advocated. USPS announced the change in a recent update to its Postal Operations Manual, in which it also made “centralized delivery” its preferred method of dropping off mail. Having letter carriers deliver mail to a cluster of mailboxes rather than to each individual door allows for more efficient routes that can be completed more quickly.

Advocates for the change have said the new policy could save the Postal Service billions of dollars annually as it continues to look for ways to reduce its labor costs. Detractors have argued the shift would unfairly target urban dwellers and reduce the value of mail-based advertising. As of 2013, about one-third of U.S. addresses received to-the-door delivery, most of which were located in large cities. Clustered boxes in neighborhoods force individuals to deal with safety and weather issues, opponents of the change have said.


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Mark Weakland

Levi Stine Sally Conrad

Jill Lindgren

And those aren’t great. Whose responsibility is it when they break? Not Po. Not hoa. Blame goes on carrier by both sides

Patrick Allen

Plus we only get about half the time credit for a CBU address vs a mailbox, so they don’t have to pay us as much to deliver them either.


Yeah, the great and wonderful solution! NOT! Get paid less to deliver to them but are still expected to deliver pkgs and accountable s to the houses if within 1/2 mile. Great way to screw the carrier out of more of his/her hard earned money.

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