Flyer: Your Post Office Receives Zero Tax Dollars

April 13, 2018

04/13/2018 – As tax day approaches, it is a good time to remind everyone about the important fact that the Postal Service receives zero taxpayer dollars. Get the word out! Download this flyer to print and share. Stay tuned to Facebook and Twitter on tax day for other ways to spread the word.


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5 Comments on "Flyer: Your Post Office Receives Zero Tax Dollars"

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Doug Horton

& delivers your mail for free…

Robert N Meyers

And pays $0.00 in taxes along with no vehicle license fees…

Robert Fulbright

Those pesky facts….

Colleen Daves

We borrowed $15 Billion of TAX DOLLARS with no way to pay back the TAX PAYERS..

Charlotte DeZern Daniels

Believe Congress dipped their hands in the till. They won’t give it back.

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