Florida woman has been delivering mail for 45 years

February 16, 2017

WINTER SPRINGS, Fla. – While most people her age plan their day around “The Early Bird Special,” Alice Eveard is one special early bird.

This week’s “Getting Results Award Winner” has been delivering mail for 45 years.

“You’ve let the secret out of the bag. There’s an 80-year-old woman working at the post office,” Eveard said.

She currently serves the people of Winter Springs.

Inside the neighborhoods she works for, neighbors said she’s a legend. Eveard is known for her sweet disposition and an incredible work ethic.

“Oh, she’s incredible. She’s a beast, she’s famous in the neighborhood,” one customer said.


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85 Comments on "Florida woman has been delivering mail for 45 years"

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Christopher Paradise

To each their own, but I pray to God that I’m not anywhere near a post office at age 80.

Cynthia Favalora

Why. I retired at the first moment I could. It’s a job people, it shouldn’t be your life.

Lydia Howe Read

It might be her life.

Robin Fowler Morgan

Bless her…

Jacob Ibarra


Brandy Heston

And at 80 she still can’t afford to retire.

Jeriann Nelson

She would make more money if she retired. Why work when she could get as much as working? She already paid into it and unless she lives a lot longer, she’ll never get it back. Guess that’s how she wants to fill her days. Not me


Probably the last civil servants retiree on the payroll

Brandy Heston

I don’t know. I’ve heard postal retirement sucks.

Linda E

It is if you’ve spent most of your work years as an RCA with NO retirement. I’m 67 and still working only because out of my 26 years of working I have a mere 9 years of retirement. I’m going to try and retire this year only because my body is telling me I need to but my retirement will NOT be enough to live on and that’s scary. The postal service really screws over rural carriers.

Brandy Heston

Not the actual being retired part, the making pennies part.

Tom Newman

Maybe thats what makes her happy.

Brandy Heston

I’m sure you’re right, Tom. Amazon makes everyone happy. ??

Lydia Howe Read

Thank You, Tom Newman!! People maybe she enjoys her job! How does she handle the packages??

Ralph Seher

Brandy Heston – Well, she gets full postal pay (and at the highest rate for those years) AND she till collects SS and it probably is increased for every year she works. and still gets holidays and 5 weeks AL

Stephanie Duffy

Gambling habit

Evone Alexander Rebstock

Bless her heart.

Alan B. Busick

Some folks are scared that if they retire, they’ll die. Others can’t imagine a life without working. Like Christopher said….to each their own. She should be under the old plan, and to not take advantage of that plum is crazy.

Cora Parks

For some of us, we love our job!!! Seriously, I’m a widow and all my family work, can’t handle sitting home. My customers are an extended part if my family. Got 36 years in, si as long as the Good Lord gives me breath, I’ll deliver this mail!!!!

Stacy Auten

You go girl!!!?

Cora Parks

Thanks!!! I got a STacey!!!!!

Stephanie Duffy

Get a life

Cora Parks

Oh I have a life, love it!!!!

Carol Lynn Schofield

Many of my co-workers have died within a year
of retiring after 20yr.
in the armed service
and 30-40 years in the post office.

Shawn Defibaugh

I’ll be 63 when I hit 45 years…

Aaron Smith

I have city carrier at my office that’s been there for 47 years and still walking with no plan on retiring.

Jacob Ibarra

But a lot of them don’t even deliver all their mail anymore and make the subs take a cut on a daily basis.

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