Why the Flats Sequencing System Should Be Scrapped

What many have long suspected has now been confirmed: The U.S. Postal Service’s Flats Sequencing System is a disastrous failure that cannot be fixed.

The FSS is adding so much to the costs of handling magazines, catalogs, and other flat mail that no amount of machinery tweaks, Lean Six Sigma projects, or “Tiger Teams” can ever make it right.

“When all processing and delivery costs are included, an average Periodicals flat addressed to an FSS zone costs over 10.5 cents more than if addressed to a non-FSS zone,” postal expert Halstein Stralberg wrote recently. Assuming the same 40% cost differential applies as well to flat-shaped Standard Mail, such as catalogs and retailer flyers, Stralberg’s analysis indicates that FSS is adding several hundred million dollars annually to the Postal Service’s costs.


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Tish Wells

Yes, please!

Debbie Henry

Goodbye FSS. Never should have started it and at mail count it triple sucks

Carrie Padgett

mail count? it’s been so long I can barely remember the term

Jordan Mark Sewell

Yeah, it’s that thing they do right before contractual changes that cause 50%+ increase in parcel volume, followed by getting the union to somehow agree to no mail count for a couple years…

Christine Mather- Hinkle

Mail count last 3 years, no Amazon…*enter Amazon”… NO MAIL COUNT!

Austin Sly

We counted at JGS last March or so..

Karen Schultz

Go figure.

Claudia Miller

We have them n it SUCKS

Becky Hightland-Nichols

Bill O’Dell

Wendy Grubbs Scidmore

Not surprised

Leland Grant

billions wasted, lives ruined, faMILIES hopes and dreams cut down

Michelle Weiss Cherry

Having a special count in May, because of this crap!

Jesse Koleszar

That would equate to admitting it was a mistake.

Michael Shipman

How much has it cost rural carriers in income and bodily harm through repetitive motion injuries?

Connie Romeril

What repetitive motion injuries? Just curious?

Michael Shipman

Left hand flipping through magazines for 3 hours on the route. It hurts

Shaun Haase

Like reaching for a mailbox….

Michael Shipman

Not really. That left hand stays exactly in the same spot. Right hand does a lot of different things. Those tendons under your wrist are worn out. I’ve lost about 30% of my strength in my left wrist.

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