Fired Up and Ready to Go! Contract Negotiations Begin Between the APWU and USPS

06/30/2018 – The American Postal Workers Union began negotiations for a new union contract with the U.S. Postal Service with an opening session on June 26th. In a display of postal union unity, NALC Executive Vice-President Brian Renfroe and NPMHU president Paul Hogrogian sat shoulder to shoulder with the APWU leadership.  A host of notable labor and community allies, including AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka and NAACP national leader Hilary Shelton, were present in support, underscoring the national importance of this round of bargaining. The APWU delegation of 80 national officers, the Rank and File Bargaining Committee, friends and supporters and local representatives marched to the meeting room chanting “Fired Up and Ready to Go!” while in a national day of APWU solidarity and unity thousands of members wore their stickers: “Fighting Today for a Better Tomorrow.”

APWU welcoming remarks were given by Industrial Relations Director and chief spokesperson Vance Zimmerman, sharing that “the APWU will work long and hard every day to reach an agreement that acknowledges and appreciates the dedication, hard work and value of our members.” The welcome was followed with main table introductions by Executive Vice-President Debby Szeredy and introductions of many guests, the APWU National Executive Council, the rank and file bargaining committee and young members committee by Secretary-Treasurer Liz Powell.


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The USPS is one of the best and greatest companies in the USA. The general public loves the USPS. What if all 6 Unions that represent the working folks help out by giving instead of always wanting more. Since the USPS is loosing money in the billions every year, the unions can and should help to preserve the jobs. Giving a bit like maybe a small pay decrease of maybe 5% for a few 2-5 years. Could be a win for all and to keep the USPS solvent. The tax payer will not and can’t do another bailout again like… Read more »


The reason why the USPS is one of the best and greatest companies in the USA is BECAUSE of it’s employees – not in spite of them! The USPS, and Congress, likes to share figures indicating that the USPS is awash in red ink to suit their needs for any particular moment. The real villain in all this “red ink” conversation is Congress, which has extracted billions of dollars from the USPS over the past 10-12 years to pre-fund retirement and health care costs stretching 75 years into the future! This “requirement” is not visited upon any other government entity,… Read more »


We have….I lost 10k one year. Please, the union members aren’t the ones making the bad financial DECISIONS and sinking the P.O..
Drain the management swamp then you’ll see a better P.O.

Emily M Morse

Almost every route has lost 2 to 10 thousand a year in pay. That is how they can deliver Amazon and make money ! Instead of over burden us and pay us less . Look at the real waste ! Like hiring RCA s and spending thousands of dollars to train and they ride 1 or a week and quit. How about let them ride with the carrier first . Then let the carrier train them a few days. If they still are on board send them for training down town . Thousands saved on wasted training. ☺


Glad to see the unions standing together! Oops, not all the unions! Where is the nrlca? I do believe they are in contract negotiations also. What’s that I hear? Thought so, CRICKETS,

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