Fire destroys postal truck, some packages in NC neighborhood

WAKE FOREST, N.C. — A United States Postal Service worker was unhurt Tuesday when fire ripped through a delivery truck as it made its way through a Wake Forest neighborhood, town officials said.

Fire crews were called to the intersection of Heritage Lake Road and Heritage Heights Lane shortly after 7 a.m.

Crews extinguished the blaze by 7:10 a.m., but the truck was destroyed. Officials said the fire started in the truck’s engine.

The USPS worker and a passerby were able to save most, but not all, of the packages inside.

Customers with questions about missing or recently mailed packages should call 336-668-1307 for more info.

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Those things are not safe anymore, thank goodness I don’t drive one.

How many have burned just this year ?? These trucks are pieces of crap — well past their life expectancy!! Does someone have to burn to death in one before they get replaced ?

Too many of these trucks are going up in flames!!!

Union is not investigate ing the fires. Wait until you cant get your seatbelt off..

That makes 17 this year by my count..

Amazing that the carrier and a passerby saved most of them. Well done!

My biggest fear!! Hope. Noone was hurt

I look at that picture and all I can think about is…I wish I could go back in time and invent Amazon.


7am? Wow