Fed Ex, mail truck involved in Wellington crash

A FedEx truck and United States Postal Service truck were involved in an crash at 2:38 p.m. Tuesday at West and Bursley roads in Wellington. The FedEx truck sustained heavy front-end damage on the passenger side while the USPS truck was heavily damaged on the driver’s side rear of the truck. No injuries were reported as of late Tuesday. The Ohio Highway Patrol is handling the investigation.


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Jim Davis

New meaning to the phrase, “last mile.”

Marianne Baab

It is the left side of the LLV that is damaged, not the driver side.

Marianne Baab

It is the left side of the LLV that is damaged, not the driver side.

Christopher Paradise

FedEx van, modern safety features…LLV…death on wheels.

Stacy Jo LeAnder

Right? LLV’s are terrible in an accident. This happened to me last year. The door came inside and tore up my legs and knee. Blah! I’m still not back to work full time. :/ I believe if I had been in a vehicle with modern safety features, I would have walked away that day.

Jason Marques

Stacy Jo LeAnder holy shit

Cathy Creech

Stacy Jo LeAnder this is so horrible. I’m glad you are still alive.

Christopher Paradise

I drive a literal piece of shit Ford Taurus on the route, worth maybe $400. Even it has crumple zones, steel side impact beams and airbags. What if every carrier that has to drive an LLV refused and filed grievance after grievance for safety violations? They are a hazard. They have zero safety features other than a seat belt. Can we not all stand up and fight this?

Angela Carter Roberson


Scott Morrison

Play’n chicken, I guess neither flinched

David Andrew

I always assumed fedex just ignored me because they’re assholes here. Maybe they just really don’t see my bright ass white box on wheels! ?

Jason Marques

That’s an LLV?

Cynthia Favalora

Damn, the completion. Is getting rough out there

Cathy Creech

Got rear ended, this scares me to see this.

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