Fayetteville mom out 300 ounces of breastmilk after USPS destroyed it

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Breast milk is called liquid gold for a reason.

Many mothers spend countless hours pumping to make sure they have enough breast milk for their baby when needed.

Imagine losing 300 ounces of breast milk.

Right now, that’s the reality for Fayetteville mom Lauren Carroll after she trusted the United States Postal Service to ship her frozen breast milk overnight.

One week later, the USPS still has not delivered her breast milk.

Carroll is a mom to two children, including 7-month-old Alexander. She’s also a Logistic Officer with the U.S. Army.

Recently, she was called up to active duty from the reserves and had to make the move from Fayetteville to Pennsylvania.

“I moved up here and had to find a house and get all of my household goods from Fayetteville to Pennsylvania,” Carroll said.

She took her son with her, while her husband, also active duty stationed in Fort Bragg, stayed in Fayetteville with their daughter.

Once she was settled in with the Army in Pennslyvania, Carroll needed the frozen breast milk.

“He was eating more than I was pumping, so I knew I was going to run out if he didn’t mail it out,” Carroll added.

On July 18, Carroll’s husband took the 300 ounces of frozen breast milk to the Fayetteville post office.

“He packed it in a Styrofoam cooler, packed it in dry ice, told them what it was and explained it, and they were pretty good with him about it, they knew what it was,” she said.

He paid $122 for the package to be overnighted and insured.

USPS tracking showed the package left Fayetteville on July 18 and oddly arrived in California on July 20, and it hasn’t been seen since.

Carroll finally got closure as to where her breast milk is, as she said USPS confirmed the package was damaged and sent to the mail recovery center and disposed of by the USPS.

6 Comments on "Fayetteville mom out 300 ounces of breastmilk after USPS destroyed it"

  1. Does that surprise you. We get parcels everyday from our processing plant belonging to other post offices. Send them back to the processing plant – next day, two, three days later we get them back. Informed delivery is a waste and a joke.

  2. Close more plants! That will help solve the problem

  3. First – Thank you both for your service.
    Second – this happens a lot more than you think with packages that are shipped and then ‘lost’.
    I hope the $122 was refunded ? !!

    More work to do with less people.
    Inexperienced supervisors.
    Long term employees retiring; knowledge gone.
    Lack of training.
    The list goes on and on and on…

    • Thanks – it is getting tougher because management only cares about one thing and one thing only. Amazon parcels – other parcels and mail (including first class) are put to the side to ensure that the amazon parcel gets out first. Our poom even came out and said, “amazon parcels are more important on sundays and holidays then the operation of the post office Monday thur. Saturday. Maybe if this young lady would of shipped it in a AMAZON BOX it would of got there on time. Amazon has taking over the postal system. The PMG has now become a “puppet” to Jeffrey.

    • Lots of good points, things that really should be addressed to insure the success of the usps and building customer base. If we want to stay in business we need to smarten up!

      • You are 110% correct. Problem is they have worthless / spineless people in charge. No body believes in “team work”. Maybe the postal service needs to go back to customer service and not
        it’s all about amazon..

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