Family Of Postal Worker Shot In Elk Grove Village Meets Family Who Helped Save His Life

CHICAGO (CBS) — A postal worker is in the hospital with a long recovery ahead, but his father is out thanking the woman who helped save his son’s life minutes after he’d been shot by a convicted felon.

Strangers connected by a crime that nearly killed Stephen Casazza, Sr.’s son exchanged thanks and hugs Friday.

“Thank goodness they were around,” Casazza said. “Because they saved my son’s life, no doubt about it.”

“I grabbed his hand and was just talking with him,” Maria Pignato said. “There was a lot of blood. It was very traumatic.”

Monday Pignato’s husband called 911. She and others comforted and waited for help after 36-year-old Stephen Casazza, Jr. was shot three times while in an unmarked vehicle for the United States Postal Service making holiday deliveries.

They still have no clue why Casazza was targeted.

The accused gunman is 24-year-old Cameron Ruebusch, who was arrested Wednesday.

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