Family Demands Answers in Death of Postal Carrier Found in Truck During Extreme Heat

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The family of a California mail carrier is anxious to learn whether doing her job in extreme temperatures killed her.

Peggy Frank, 63, was found dead in her mail truck in Los Angeles earlier this month. The temperature outside was a record 117 degrees. Most United States Postal Service trucks do not have air conditioning, including Frank’s.

Local weather reporters called it “the hottest it has ever been” in the area.

“When the people found her, they said she was burning up,” her son, Kirk Kessler, told Inside Edition.

Inside Edition rented a mail truck to experience firsthand what letter carriers have to endure. The thermometer outside registered 97 degrees, but inside, it was much hotter.

“I’ve been in this truck from under 10 minutes,” Inside Edition’s Jim Moret said from inside the truck. “I’m already sweltering. These are like tin ovens with no insulation — its 105 degrees in here. Even driving with the window down makes almost no difference. There is virtually no movement of air inside this vehicle.”


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Yes, no air. Especially when you are required to get in and out constantly so you cannot roll the far window down because you cannot leave the vehicle open when away from it. The auxiliary fan does nothing!


Yes it does! It blows the engine heat right in your face!

Meta Bonnell

When customers asked if I had a/c and I told them no, I always got “well, at least you have a fan.” My response was to ask if they knew the difference between an oven and a convection oven? A fan, do you want slow roast or fast roast?


Hopefully an outside investigation will be conducted – OSHA – ? 50 / 50
If the postal service investigates will know there will only be two out comes
(1) it was the carriers fault / (2) COVER UP
We know the postal service is never at fault, or it could be like their investigation when I got hurt –
there answer was : It never happened
Hard to cover up a death – but I am sure the postal service can find a way.

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