Facing off with the US Postal Service

ARLINGTON — Heather Astaneh, an artist on a deadline, was livid when the package of pencils and erasers she had ordered for her project arrived a day late.

It was the latest in a series of late deliveries, she said, so she dashed off a complaint on the US Postal Service website.

“You guys suck [expletive],” she wrote.

Astaneh, 33, assumed her angry blast would remain anonymous. But about a week later, her letter carrier, Sharon Demiridjian, showed up on her porch yelling, a printed copy of the complaint in her hand, she said.

The protracted dispute involves unlikely foes: a professional suburban couple against neighborhood letter carriers. Both sides have sought harassment orders against the other, placed several calls to the Arlington Police Department, and fired volleys of competing accusations that one federal judge described as “bizarre.”

Astaneh and her husband, Amin Astaneh, have meticulously documented the dispute on a website, titled Delivering Fear, that accuses Demiridjian, Allen Hodgkins, a letter carrier on an adjacent route, and other carriers of carrying out a campaign of abuse that includes thrown packages, insults, and even stalking.


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