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Scott Robertson

Management Doesn’t Give A Fat Rats Ass about Craft Employees
All they care about is those Numbers and Making their selves look Good, while Sitting in an Air-conditioned Office

Teresa Hughey

Well, they’ve always told us that our safety is first and foremost. That doesn’t appear to be true, does it? This is really upsetting.
When you call in from home or the route, I’ve had bosses smart off like this one did. They are not professional and should never speak to us that way!

Joe Quinn

and what will their punishment be? absolutely nothing!!!


This shows you that our NALC is a piece of shit. These routes are way too long and you gave us intentionally understaffed to do pivots so management could get a bonus. The NALC does not represent the letter carriers anymore they sell out to management so they could get under the table payments from management. FRED ROLANDO looks like DPMG than a NALC President with that suit.

Sally Carmichael

Carriers need to either call 911 then the supervisor or drive back to the post office if possible. Secure the mail and leave to the ER.! Your life isn’t worth it! The mail will get delivered. Do not be afraid to save your own life.


let’s face it. We have become a society of take care if me company its your responsibility. last I heard that’s socialism. when you are hired and apply for the job you are told of all theses conditions. Yet some shaddy people hide their conditions so they can work for usps. No company should have to hold your hand if they tell you up front what you are applying for. You get paid for it and if its not for you get a different job. Cops, firefighters teachers.bank tellers just some jobs that face dangers and you don’t see them… Read more »

Wendy F

I worked for the USPS as a Letter Carrier for many years in Florida. Management had absolutely no regard for employee safety! Not only did they send us out in non-A/C trucks,they sent us out in stormy weather and only called back to the office when Hurricane level winds, 75 MPH, was reported. They sent us out at night in the dark,some nights as late as 9:00PM, on walking routes where you had to cross grass with dips and holes, and then wrote you up for falling or “injuring yourself”. They sent us out in trucks so old an rickety… Read more »


Mailmen and Women have been delivering mail in bad weather since the civil war. We are paid well for the job we do. Either retire ,quit or find another job. Its not for everyone. Stop being a SNOWFLAKE…


If you only knew how we are treated at the post office. It is horrible!!! They don’t care about you or your health. All they care about is you make them look good by getting the mail out by a certain time. I was once in a truck that had no fan, I had to use twi hands to turn the wheel and it broke down. I got sick, threw up 3 times called the office and was told they have to try and find someone to help me. They did, but at the of the route. It is the… Read more »


What did you guys expect to deal with when you applied for and accepted the job as a mail carrier? If you can’t take the heat. get out of the kitchen!