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Why not give them some type of incentives? We cannot keep RCA’s in our office. The regulars are overburdened, working their days off, and cannot get a day off because there is no one to cover. How can paying regulars overtime on a weekly basis be cost effective? The post office isn’t what it used to be, I have never seen such an incompetent and mis managed business in my life, let alone we have had no manager since mid December, it’s a joke

Harold Davis

How aboit not treating CCAs like dogs. Reminding them at every turn they are only ccas and they are nothing more. Working them 7 days a week sometimes for multiple weeks. Limiting their holidays forcing them to work anytime all the time. Putting their family life 2nd to postal service. That would fix the vast majority

James Todd

When we get new vehicles the llv should be moved to a POV route. Eliminating the need for a rca to provide a vehicle would help keep new hires


Maybe you should have a box that the temporary employees can check for the reason of leaving that says: extremely overworked, lack of days off and I am held hostage from my family.

G shears

Why not allow retirees to come back and work part time or in none career positions. You don’t have to waste money and time training. Oh, wait . This makes too much sense.


The USPS cannot continue to be a public service if it bases all its decisions on benefiting private business, like Amazon. If they do that, you are NOT their concern, Amazon is. We cannot continue to cut costs while delivering every EVERY single day of the week. The pressure is too great. If we are a great public service, then publicly fund us. It is free for you, a resident, to receive mail. It is free. But we pay. We pay with broken backs to deliver you your Amazon prime dog food, cat litter, car parts, mattresses, etc. There is… Read more »

Who cares anymore

How about not hiring racist black supervisors that only protect their on kind. Need diversity in the post office and new management… supervisor never done a route should never supervise carriers. Or they need to run some routes before getting management job to see exactly what it is…..


why not make the employees that stand around after mail is up and the carriers are on there routes get in there vehicles and deliver packages or go sell some mail products or go home save hours only need one to answer phone

John Risinger

A lot of the time the turn over is caused by management. They over work non career employees. Make them cross crafts because the non carrier employees can’t do anything about it. Most of the time they are under their 90 days. Management has no checks and balances.