eBay takes on Amazon with guaranteed 3-day shipping

March 20, 2017

In an effort to deal with formidable rival Amazon, eBay has launched a new program giving shoppers guaranteed three-day shipping on 20 million products. Called “Guaranteed Delivery,” it also includes free shipping on “millions” of those items, according to eBay, and will roll out in the US starting this summer. The auction site also revamped its home page today to provide a more personalized experience for shoppers.

eBay points has 1.1 billion items listed at any given time, of which 67 percent already ship for free and 63 percent arrive within three or fewer days. With “Guaranteed Delivery” items, however, eBay will either refund the shipping or give you a coupon if they don’t arrive on time.

Buyers looking to get items speedily will be able to filter searches based one-, two- and three-day delivery times. The company is also providing qualified sellers with new shipping tools so that they can in turn give buyers more accurate delivery times. Such things have become crucial for consumers in a world where Amazon can deliver an item within an hour and let you track packages to an exact spot on the map.


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9 Comments on "eBay takes on Amazon with guaranteed 3-day shipping"

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Christopher Paradise

Three day isn’t two day.

Marcia Piper

Ughhh. I love my job but we’re overwhelmed already! Just saying

Equawn Valerie Lane

Oh lord

Katia Acuña J

Uff this is going to be fun, wondering if we we’ll have Sunday Delivery for Ebay, too.

Marcia Piper

I wondered that too

Shani Kin

I think the Union needs to consider discussions for a count before 2018

David Backer

Already getting screwed now. Didn’t have this many packages during count like 40-50 a day now I’m averaging 70-100+ a day.

Shani Kin

So are we. That’s why I think it’s important for the Union to enter discussions with the USPS for a count before the scheduled 2018 count, which btw is our next count!

Matt Robbins

Looking forward to the huge pay increase after 2018 lol. “Well it seems that your package volume has doubled in 2 years, we didn’t even see it coming”

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