Dozens of bags of undelivered mail found in postal worker’s backyard shed on Long Island

Postal inspectors are at a house in Nassau County Tuesday after they found loads of undelivered mail.

Agents could be seen removing bag after bag from the home in Bellmore.

Neighbors say the man who lives in the home, who is in his late 30s, is a postal carrier.

The USPS Inspector General’s Office confirms they are investigating, and neighbors said upwards of 60 kitchen-sized bags of undelivered mail were removed.

Members of the Bellmore Fire Department said they witnessed the man over eight months carrying bags to a shed in his backyard, which happens to be feet from the windows of the fire house.


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Shameka Johnwell

Syvella D. Scott ?

Syvella D. Scott

Wtf…it can’t be that bad huh. Just deliver the people ish smh

Shameka Johnwell

Just lazy. She better get ready to do some fed time.

Syvella D. Scott

Shameka Johnwell right

Gail Hilty


Dawn Harris

Oh great!

Sharron Thomas

Mark Thomas

Becky Wages Gaines

Stupid fool. The best way to get rid of the mail is to DELIVER IT to the correct address. ?

Paula Waddington

If you’re gonna do it, do it right ?

Tarah Ann Glover


Barbara Scott


Jan Little Roller

Seriously?? Why did you watch him do this for 8 months? That’s at least 200 delivery days!! Wow you guys are really really something…oh yeah SLOW!!

Sheila Waldrip

It’s not called snail mail for nothing. Lol

April K Taylor

If you were that slow delivering thay’d have you ass on a silver platter tho! But they will take their time


They may have watched because it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for a person to take a bag to the shed.Being that they rotate no one saw him do it every day so it wasn’t a conversation factor. It may not have been until the inspector showed up that they put it all together. The good thing about it is it gave them a time line to start from meaning more fed time if giving

Debby Childers Parson

I will never ever understand why someone does this!!

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