Don’t Just Save the Postal Service. Reinvent It.

The Postal Service is already one of the most reliable employers of veterans—people who think big, and who have real experience traversing complicated bureaucracies. And since we’re already sending a lot of talent out into the nation, there’s no reason the USPS can’t be a future farm system for the federal government, where our most capable contenders can be called up to the majors, bringing with them a wealth of firsthand experience helping ordinary Americans surmount life’s inevitable challenges.

In a way, a revived, more ambitious Postal Service is a giant infrastructure project—only instead of laying asphalt or stacking concrete, it would deploy human potential and the spirit of civic duty. There’s really nothing radical or crazed about this idea, unless you’d call Benjamin Franklin, who was our first postmaster general, a crazed radical. It only demands that we start taking the way we imagine America could be in the best of times more seriously, by making use of what we already have close at hand.


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