‘Disrespectful’ Cresskill postal clerks to get mandatory retraining after complaints

CRESSKILL – Christine Olmo lives only a short walk from the post office on Washington Street. However, she plans to use the post offices in the nearby towns of Closter and Tenafly until two clerks at the local branch are held accountable for their allegedly rude treatment of customers.

“I don’t really go in there anymore,” said Olmo, who has been inside once in the past year. “It’s unfortunate that it’s come down to people wanting these people removed or reprimanded or something … I think people have taken as much as they can handle.”

It turns out those clerks will be getting “mandatory retraining,” according to U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell after he contacted U.S. Postal Officials immediately after receiving a petition signed by 300 people including Olmo seeking redress for complaints of “constant belligerence, unprofessionalism, an uncooperative nature, a lack of common courtesy, and disrespectful behavior” from the clerks.

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The clerks don’t have a postmaster or supervisor? They should be going to training with the clerks, or ……….how about just promoting them?