3 Comments on "Disputes Over Pay, Layoffs Create Impasse Between USPS and 200K Employees"

  1. I fear the USPS will soon be privatized. What all in every form of management does not realize is that, They Will No Longer Have A Job. They will keep the craft employees at a low salary, people not living in the city proper will pay more for delivery. If you can Retire, Do So.

  2. What I see is that people outside the USPS have no idea what the postal workers deal with with management. The employees are mistreated beyond what people in the private sector can even imagine. The benefits and pay are the only thing keeping good employees at the USPS. If management were allowed to run amuck anymore than they are the turn over rate would be 100%.
    I guess a positive note is in the private sector the employees could suit the “private” USPS for mistreatment. They will go bankrupt that way too.

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