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She clearly has someone to get her mail and packages. It’s like it said it’s only for the very elderly and people who live alone

Heather Duncan

How is it not fair? Her husband can clearly pick up her mail and packages. It’s not that I’d don’t have empathy but some people with disabilities make unrealistic demands.

Eric Watson

lol another entitled one demanding someone wipe their ass.


Boo Hoo! Another entitled snowflake!
Another example of a parental “Epic fail”.
Sorry honey life isn’t “fair”! You don’t qualify for
“Hardship” delivery if you have an able bodies person in the home.
If the Post office approved hardship delivery for every whiny person out there, carriers would have to work 24-7 to get a day’s mail delivered!
Since when do truly disabled people live in 3rd floor apartments with no elevators.

Tony McCollum

The Hardship Delivery program was updated years ago to no longer limit hardship service to those who live alone.


That’s true, if you have a able person living with you, you are not completely unable, why do you live upstairs, and who takes your animals out for walks?
Keep up the good work USPS.


Every one wants their mail and packages to the door. And then complain that the dog got it or weather blew it away or got wet. But they want answer the door because they are too busy sitting on their behind playing on the internet. I take the packages but their mail goes in the box. They get mad if you don’t bring it ALL up, ha that’s why we have boxes. Some people have become ruin and lazy. They let the mail pile up in the box but want door service . Have so many wants to put a… Read more »


Idea for more postal revenue! how about charging for premium delivery service to door, say maybe $2.50 a day, $15 a week, or $60 a month, offer discount to pay $600 a year, that is still cheap for the extra service and time spent. (I know, it will never happen)


Customers only care about their packages. I have had customers give me their return items and want me to get them mail ready. Gated communities, loose dogs, delivery to apartments without elevators is the normal day for a letter carrier. With package delivery constantly increasing, there’s not enough daylight to make door deliveries to apartments, unless it’s accountable mail. Hardship cases are for people living alone that have special circumstances.


omg….This woman expects extra service because she is handicapped. Yes, there is hardship cases for those who live alone. She has other people living in her home. Sorry,not sorry. Your husband or walmart can deliver your food or whatever door to door. Do not abuse system.