Delivery Services Hiring For The Holidays, Some Urgently Looking For Help

November 13, 2017

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Everyday Stanley Phoenik at Manpower is making phone calls to connect applicants with job interviews.

“If you want to work, now is the time,” he says.

The need is across the board, from retail to manufacturing to package delivery.

With more and more people doing their shopping online, the package delivery services are expecting to be swamped for the next seven weeks, and they need help, a lot of help.

“We can’t do it without them,” says Jackie Fajt, of UPS. “We need those seasonal workers to get the packages where they need to be in time for the holidays.”

UPS says it needs 2,800 seasonal employees just in the Pittsburgh region. Fajt says the biggest need is “primarily… our package handlers and our drivers’ helpers.” Those jobs pay $10.20 an hour and involve sorting, loading and delivering packages.

UPS also needs 67 drivers, and if you’re looking for more than seasonal work, Fajt says, “About 35 percent of our employees started out as seasonal employees.”

That transition to full-time work also happens with seasonal workers at the U.S. Postal Service.


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Colleen Daves

Haven’t seen a new soul yet?

Christopher Paradise

If you apply today with the USPS, your first day will be next June.

Joy Scarborough

So, they have really fast-tracked the hiring, it took me nearly two years to get hired, applied in early 1994, started 10-14-1995.

Sam Davis

Ups needs help dropping their stuff on us

Tiffany Snow

My day was 10 1/2 hours WITH help. The USPS needs to restructure delivery. Parcels, flats, mail, and everything seems to be coming into our office diarrhea style…and then, “everything must go,” “can’t come in early,” “why aren’t you meeting your leave and return times?” …dollars to donuts someone making these impossible rules Is getting a fat bonus if the numbers look good on their reports …

Fred Butler

Jimmy Gula

Leah Wolfe

USPS is getting the most bang for the buck from the last mile stiffs. They would be losing big bucks if we were paid hourly. I had two truck loads of Amazon today, and no help. Have to last till the next mail count and hope is isn’t cancelled. Of course they have a window of time to make changes. For the “good of the USPS”

Deanna Jellison Hardin

Kinda late for this you think???

Deb Gober

The new ones we are seeing are not lasting long! Last one quit the day after her shadow day!

Deb Gober

O snap!

Denise Sweeten

Same in our office and as of Nov. 30 we will have no subs. The 2 we do have will be on hold down. Going to be a very long month in December 😕

RandyValerie Lamar

Jane Black

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