Delivery Drivers are in Danger of Overheating

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PANAMA CITY Fla. – If it’s hot outside -it’s even hotter in your car. Some people have no choice but to spend all day in them, especially delivery carriers.

“The worst part is getting in the truck for the first time ’cause it’s always so hot,” says Harrison McElheney owner and manager of Hallmark Flowers.

Last week a California postal carrier was found dead in their delivery truck in over 100F heat. The cause of death is under investigation. It is possible it was due to overheating because most postal vehicles do not have air conditioning.

The United States Postal Service released a statement to News 13 saying, “The safety of our employees is a top priority and the Postal Service has implemented a national Heat Illness Prevention Program (HIPP) for all employees.  In connection with the HIPP, the Postal Service provides mandatory heat-related and other safety training and instruction to all employees and assures they have the resources needed to do their jobs safely.”

The national weather service says at 73F outside the temperature inside a vehicle will reach 100F in less than 30 min.

News 13 conducted an experiment and found that on a hot day in Panama City, it only took 10 minutes for a car to jump from 85F to 112F.


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The post master reads heat injury information put out by the USPS. Then they turn around and remove our drinking water cooler and bottled water in the post office, because they said it cost too much. But we still have toilet water. Safety of our employees is top priority – BULLSHIT – saving a few dollars is more important then employee safety.


I’m terrified of our decrepit jeeps just as much!!!


We get bottled water…..some times then are told to pivot routes or go help someone that cant do their job- Thanks!


We don’t get bottled water but every once in a while!! And still expected to be done by 5pm or earlier. We are told to take breaks, but then get yelled at or investigative interview for performance.

Sheryl valverde

Wow! You must work at work at parkplace station! Our supervisor tells us don’t forget to take breaks so we don’t overheat but remember being hot is no excuse to run over!


They forced rural carriers to give up their private vehicles with air conditioning ….js


We are read the safety talks about heat, and taking extra breaks, and then 10 minutes later given a pivot. How can we pivot and take extra breaks? They don’t care about our safety at all, they just read that crap to cover their ass.

Warwick dawg

So true if you all stop and act as one don’t move mail make you pm report to district hold those fuckers accountable. Tell them when it’s 100 it’s time to be walked. It’s easy to tell you to pivot take breaks . Then turn around and watch you leave the building they are going to sit in with a/c until 3 pm . I was a carrier and a supervisor . I took money from my pocket and brought ice Gatorade or wTermellon to the poeple who I worked with . We worked together they didn’t work for me… Read more »


Wow you stated you work together – excellent – they refer to that as “team work”.
Currently the postal service lacks that – supervisors are out for nobody but themselves.
Maybe the post office would run better if they went back to “team work”. The postal service new motto is: B.O.H.I.C.A (bend over, here it comes again)

Nelson Marquez

this is a crop of crap the post office does not give a dam about its carriers all they do is tell you to run your route so you can help them some where else. here in yuma az my truck was always 130 and above in the summer, and there alway out checking to see why your going slower, well no crap sherlock im freaken in here dieing of heat


:You are mostly right, I am a supervisor, I do stand up talks and it is over heat. How to prevent a heat stroke, drink water at least every 20 minutes. I tell my team. If you need the break, you take the break, I will take the bitching I will receive at 4. Why can’t you get them off the street. Get out there and watch them.. I drive to the store, I have everyone of my carriers on group text. What color of Gatorade do you want. do you need water. let me know. and they do…on the… Read more »


I don’t work for USPS but I just can’t imagine such poor working conditions. Can’t your union do something about this? If someone left a child or an animal in a hot vehicle, there would be hell to pay, and rightly so! Why is it ok to treat postal workers this way?

ljiljana alic



Then they send out inspectors in air conditioned vehicles to follow us and write us up for driving with the door open in 95-100 degree outside temperatures

ljiljana alic

Resources?! WHERE IS A/C IN OUR LLV’s ??????

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