Deadline for USPS TV auditions is Feb. 22

February 16, 2017

Reminder: The Postal Service is invitingemployees to audition for a USPS television commercial.

The audition is open to all employees. No prior acting experience is required.

To audition, follow these steps:

• Create an audition video. In the video, state your name and location, talk about your proudest moment as a postal employee and describe memorable experiences you’ve had with customers.

You also can discuss the brands that the Postal Service delivers, and note whether you’ve auditioned for a USPS spot in the past. 

• Upload the video. Go to theUSPS Spring 2017 Employee Casting site to upload your video. You’ll be asked to complete an online form and hit “Submit.” Video uploads are limited to 30 megabytes.

Submissions are due Wednesday, Feb. 22, at 5 p.m. EST.

The commercial will be filmed in mid-March and begin airing in the spring.

All applicants must receive approval from their manager before selection and production begins.


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20 Comments on "Deadline for USPS TV auditions is Feb. 22"

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Brittany Waters Joshua

Johnnie Mae Stephens….I really think you should do this.

Brandy Heston

Ellen Marszalkowski, we could be famous movie stars! ⭐️

Ellen Marszalkowski

Last time they did one of these they excluded rural craft from participating

Brandy Heston

??? Of course they did. We are rural for a reason, I guess.

Ellen Marszalkowski

I’ll do one if you will

Brandy Heston

Let’s just do our own! YouTube stars!!

Ellen Marszalkowski

We’d get so fired

Brandy Heston

But we’d be stars!! ??? You’re right, though. We’d go viral for all the wrong reasons.

Drew Augustine

Curtis Sandifer Keith Hendrix we’ve got to do this.?

Curtis Sandifer

Drew Augustine no we don’t!

Keith Hendrix
Christine Vokes

Kristi Teague you should audition! ☺️

Kristi Teague

Lol why?

Christine Vokes

Be in a commercial!!! That would be cool! ?

Virginia Sanchez

Stacy Kirk, we could make them a video. ??? It just wouldn’t be the kind of one they wanted. I could think of a few things to say…..

Stacy Kirk

Oh snap! Where to begin…. ?

Virginia Sanchez

Right?! Lol! ???

Sally Osborne

Kaleb O’Neill

Leland Grant

thy need to show it like it really is at the job, show about 300 huge amazon parcels, carriers working for free at 8 pm at night, and a bunch of screaming b***h girl friend supervisors, and how little the pay really has become, and carriers working 7 days a week for amazon

Kelly O'Brien

Nicole Clayton-preston

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