Customer stunned to find 100ft of packing paper has been used to protect his bubble wrap

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November 21, 2017

Amazon continues to make advances with its drone delivery project, looking to change the notion of home shipping and the future of shopping- but it may need to work out some packaging kinks first.

That’s what one customer in South Hampshire certainly thinks.

Paul Jacobs, 42, was left scratching his head after ordering a roll of bubblewrap only for it to arrive boxed and packaged in 100ft of brown paper.

He says his order, which had been placed inside a large cardboard box, was encased in enough brown paper to cover his entire back garden.


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Julie Peck

Might not want to use Daily Mail as a credible source.

Nancy Uhde

Sounds like an “Onion” article haha!

Russell Martin

Amazon certainly did not pack it.

Christiana Lee

No surprise amazon and their wonderful packaging ???

Brian Corbin

William Gulley

Carrie Padgett

No lie, last Christmas I had an enormous box with 100ft of paper from jet. com for a bag of chips!!!

Elaine Giglio

Amazon loves to play ” use the biggest box”

Dana Janes McAfee

Always! Never enough tape and the bar code on a seam.

Tabitha Gray

Amazon= Assholes

Lisa Lewis

Your paying for it. AMAZON PRIME

teresa clark

sounds right. I received 3 cardboard fly traps in a box big enough for a 50lb of dog food. And packed in bubble wrap. Also received bottles of soap in small box, lids unscrewed and no wrap at all. Soap everywhere except in bottle.

Debra Howard

Pricing on package size would cut some of this poo out; customer’s have shown me some of their stuff that would have fit in a flat bubble mailer.


Same here. I’ve had customers that have told me “Well that’s just a little bitty thing the size of a watch band.” Yet it’s in an Amazon box too big to fit into their mailbox.

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