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The Router/Streeter concept didn’t work in the past, this is the same concept rehashed. I doubt this will work.

Jeff Adamson

What retard thought up this brilliant plan. Obviously aomeone who has never cased or delivered mail.I swear…do they sit up and night and think of ways to screw letter carriers? These idiots can’t get the mail to us ontime now…even when they say mail volume is way down. As I see this ..its a way to get senior carriers to say “screw this” and retire. Make it as hard as possible so that we will quit.


Didn’t work then, Definitely won’t work now. There were not enough vehicles then and not enough now to even make this a possibility. The problem the USPS is constantly struggling with is the massive volume of packages they never properly prepared for. USPS can’t handle delivery of mail and packages anymore, Other delivery services have trucks loaded and ready for delivery. USPS carriers have to load and unload and scan packages into vehicles every day. Any idea how much wear and tear that puts on a carriers body? Add to it USPS has a severe problem with new hire retention.… Read more »


Another way to save money ha! A better way to save money would be to fire half of management including the idiot that came up with this and those that implemented it without researching that it was already tried and failed.


Being on the street for 7+ hours is a safety issue in places with extreme weather conditions. How many heat illness and deaths do we need? They tell us to stay hydrated,but don’t want to give us the time it takes to get that drink every 15 minutes!


Did this back in the mid 80’s in Austin, Tx. Didn’t work then. Why do they try the same crap over and over? Because management are idiots!

Tammy Cole

Redicious! Live in the. North and try to carry. Ailes 7hrs us in 5 degree temperatures! No way! Po asking for alot of disability claims, people quitting, and . Who the brains behind this dumb idea? Waste more money that postal service doesn’t even have anymore. I believe someone is trying to bankrupt the po.thank goodness I have 33yrs in and one foot out cause all I see is bad ideas for a simple job! Everyone should be doing 8hrs and out, instead po wants people to work 10 to 12 hrs . Better way to save money, to many… Read more »


They tried this about 20 years ago. It didn’t seem to improve productivity. The carriers didn’t like this concept.


Nothing amazes me anymore. It’s a company that is trying so hard to fail. Just go private already, you know that’s what they wanna do. You appointment morons in positions of authority and all you get is one dumb idea after another. This is mail delivery not brain surgery. Maybe they should figure out how to get us the mail on time And actually provide a good service. But this company doesn’t care about service it cares about numbers that are inflated and wrong. Just ask amazon to buy the usps. I’m sure Bezzo’s can do a much better job… Read more »

Jeff Williams

I think there will be fist fights in the stations if this program is instituted. Management, under this new policy, will make ALL decisions as to who cases up mail AND what the staggered start times are for individual carriers. You could be starting your route at 12 noon. The casers will get to take care of their buddies and fuck up the mail for those carriers they don’t like. And seniority won’t matter anymore. There’s already been a national grievance filed on this and it’s likely that management will have to scrap the whole plan. We can only hope.