Bold delivery: Postal worker caught tossing package, owner furious

April 4, 2017

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (CBS12) — Most of us aren’t home when our packages are delivered.

Have you ever wondered how your property is treated when you are not around?

A local woman had a sneaking suspicion her packages weren’t being cared for until she checked her security system.

A United States Postal Service worker was caught on surveillance camera tossing a package over a fence outside her Acreage home.

“It’s just frustrating,” said the homeowner, who wished to remain anonymous. “It’s just, do you value your job at all, if you’re that careless?”

The video shows the delivery truck driver approach the house, throw the package on the dirt driveway before driving off.

Even the warning surveillance camera sign posted outside her fence didn’t stop the postal worker.

Luckily, the items inside were workout equipment, built to take a beating.

However, she said this shows disrespect and carelessness.


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74 Comments on "Bold delivery: Postal worker caught tossing package, owner furious"

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Duane Heim

If they only seen how they r thrown around before it gets to them.

Vinca Holland

I was a clerk and Threw parcels at night before carriers came into work. That is what it was called, throwing parcels.

Vinca Holland
Vinca Holland

I was also a carrier for 15 years and never threw a customer’s package over a fence.

Chris Torick

We are just the last one to throw it and probably the softest.


Right!! Lol

Leland Grant
A local woman had a sneaking suspicion her packages weren’t being cared for until she checked her security system”.——– translates,; disagreeable complaining rich woman with locked gate doesn’t like this , she wants carrier put to death, and his home burned down and his family taken to prison too and she still refuses to put up a big box,——–WHY THAT CARRIER IS PROBABLY A LIBERAL AND A HIPPIE I DEMAND A NEW ONE THAT WILL BOW DOWN AND WALK MY PARCELS THE 1/2 MILE TO MY HOUSE, MY PITBULLS WON’T HURT HIM, AND I AM AN IMPORTANT WOMEN WHO HAS… Read more »
Jennifer Priser

? so true

Christiana Lee

But they didn’t even get out of the vehicle just threw it from the llv come on people stop being lazy n just go set it over the gate geez. It only takes a few seconds longer.

Oi veh.

^^^Amen, Christiana.

Debbie Grezik
Yeah I just got my 3rd complaint today that I’m THROWING AND according to this SELF ABSORBED ENTITELD @$#% I’m also throwing pkgs on her porch as I DRIVE by LOL !! I am SETTING her Pkgs on her porch, today she called in and blatantly LIED AGAIN…..I figured it out that I’m not putting them right in her door jam and she has to take 2 steps to retrieve it….therefore I am abusing her pkg….I’m so sick of being a slave to unappreciative people, who have nothing better to do then call and whine every time they get a… Read more »
Tara Brown

I’m sure this isn’t the lady’s first time to call and complain either. Get a life! We’re busting our butts out there, probably way harder than they’ve ever worked.

Leland Grant

Debbie Grezik and now you all know why so many are suddenly retiring

Debbie Grezik
Believe me I see their REAL PAIN Literally….We are falling apart fast because we have seriously been slammed into SLAVE mode for the USPS…and we are NOT being compinsated, One of ours just retired and the PAIN in her eyes FROM OUR JOB is seriously doing damage…I am in pain every single day and the 2 days off are for healing and rest to go do it all over again….It is like moving house every single day for the clueless public. Don’t get me wrong I “used” to love my job…I have anxiety every day about this job…..they DO NOT… Read more »
Suzanne Brugioni Stidham

And they will be furious when they get a 3849 to come get their package at the post office!



Marc Carlson

Only an idiot would toss a customers package over the fence

Joann Philo Handley

I have dropped a package over a fence per the customers request and sometimes i stick it in the tree.

Shannon Cole

We aren’t allowed to open a locked gate they’d have to pay us for that and we all know that’s not happening

Jennifer Langworthy Mccormick

Firstly, it’s gated: leave a notice. Or, I have a gated drop. I leave the parcels in a garbage bag and let it over the fence and another that I leave outside the gate. Either way, I’m not throwing a package.

Becky Ryan

Throw it and get fired. …Nope. And That’s what’s wrong with the USPS.

Leland Grant

yes, after reviewing the video, he should have dismounted so he could drop kick the parcel over the gate

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