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It’s ridiculous!! How can they have the post office hold accountable for such a thing!! They deliver mail, real and junk mail , magazines, and things sent through the mail in boxes, large envelopes, packages, everything. Their mail trucks are all blowing up around them, they have to stop at each stop and scan packages to deliver in their trucks and vans. They are all short staffed, have inferior medical compensation, and loud bosses!! The postal service cannot be responsible for opioids being delivered unless of course The US Congress, senate and their staff are held responsible first .


Sure,,,no problem…. are you going to give the post office the funds to do this?… Trust me… every carrier would report any type of suspicious activity, but you are asking for things which cost big bucks… Put your money where your mouths are.

Mike Hunt

SMH….This just confirms that Romney is an idiot.