Bang-Up Job: USPS Blames New Employees for Rising Motor Vehicle Accidents

March 18, 2017

The increasing use of non-career letter carriers has caused a steady rise in motor vehicle accidents and liability, postal officials said this week.

The U.S. Postal Service’s liability for motor vehicle tort claims (paid to victims of accidents) rose from $48 million in Fiscal Year 2015 to $88 million in FY2016, the Postal Regulatory Commission recently pointed out.

In responding to that observation on Thursday, the Postal Service explained: “Since the 2011 Collective Bargaining Agreements between the Postal Service and several employee unions, which expanded the role of non-career mail delivery drivers, there has been an increase in the number of motor vehicle accidents (MVAs).”


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75 Comments on "Bang-Up Job: USPS Blames New Employees for Rising Motor Vehicle Accidents"

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Tish Wells

Maybe they should give them time to deliver the mail instead of rushing them out the door with three hours from one route, two hours from another and one more from a third in three different sections of the zip code.


Tish Yes!

Heather Begley Baudendistel

This is what happens when you can’t be picky anymore and have to hire everyone who walks in the door.

Raell Dybsand

I have gotten in trouble for saying that a warm body is not enough to do the job. My sub rolled her pov 2x in 2 months and the boss blames me because the roads are icy. It is winter in Minnesota and 99% of the roads are ice. Yowzers.

Evone Reinert Shupp

Those things take time to get used too, like not being able to see around you very well.

Amy Gardner

And the wind… oh Lord!

Aaron LaFollette

I had to cross a bridge over a lake at least twice a day – let me just say I’d be safer in an empty 18 wheeler.

Teresa Fulmer

Plus the darn scanner screaming at you to scan flats then letters….it keeps you sitting on the side of the road longer just waiting to be hit

Kelli Jo Finney

Yes and the customer is waiting on their mail to be handed to them also….They don’t understand all that we have to put up with… uncalled for..

Aaron LaFollette

Safety first… but scan 2 inches of mail at a moments notice! Couldn’t this be done in the d**n office?!


Aaron i agree! And if you notice…it’s “okay” for items to be scanned inside the office, if it’s a supervisor covering their a$$ on a late parcel & they have to scan attempted to “stop the clock” and then hide it for next day delivery. I worked for the USPS for 29 years, ive seen it all

Lacey I Kerns

seen any get fired for a accident that was the drivers fault

Doug Storace

The problems are WAY more numerous and complex than just new employees.

Eric Nunnelee

Usps is a joke

Leland Grant
usps DEMANDED ALL THIS LOWE RAID PART TIME HELP and training isnt much – as a former driver trainer, from LLV thru 5 ton trucks] the LLV is a hazard to drive for anyone who is less than highly skilled in using mirrors , low views thru the sides [ u canna see thru sheet metal walls], and when you’re screamed and told get it done and be back by five or be fired, and plenty more wanting your job,, then you are thinking about that- usps was told all of this, all they wanted was people working for nothing… Read more »
Jim Davis



yeah love how the USPS makes it sound like we wanted all there part time people

John Mathews

Had a loaner yesterday while mine was getting brakes… Steering was so sloppy I thought it was very dangerous…llvs are c**p..

Aaron LaFollette

I got an ffv loaner that the keys would fall out of the ignition during turns… with the engine still running.

Mary Taylor Fuqua

Had an llv do the same. It freaked me out the first time. Then the gear shift fell off in my hand. It was still running. ?


In that case I would document the fact and then I would call the supervisor and let them know. You say do you want me to bring it back or just continue? They will inevitably say continue the route, and then if and when you do get in a wreck your a$$ is covered

Amy Gardner

It’s always a new hire or a sub…
Maybe they should get new LLV’s and maybe consider what USPS is doing to create accidents. They are always screaming about distractions. That LLV is A distraction in itself. Plus the scanner, impossible view, and an extremely uncomfortable way of pulling the mail. Additionally, evaluated time and low pay.

Aaron LaFollette

That $16.62/hr came out to $12/hr on a “48k” route that took 12-14 hours to finish daily. Then there was the LLV that nearly wrecked me twice in a year (brake failure). Blame it on the RCA?! Nice try, I have half a million safe miles in an 18 wheeler, and I’ve never had my life threatened as much.

Greg Bilhimer

Typical Postal management, blame the employee !

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