Audit Questions Postal Employee Background Checks

A review of background screening by U.S. Postal Service found that the three districts studied “did not consistently comply with background screening processes.”

An IG report noted that prospective USPS employees must be deemed “suitable to maintain the safety and security of the mail and uphold public trust in the Postal Service.” That screening process involves the central HR office, a contractor, local HR offices and the Postal Inspection Service, with steps including pre-screening, an interview and then a more in-depth background check.

However in a sample of three districts that over 2016-2017 hired more than 14,400 employees, the IG found that pre-employment investigative files were missing for 13 percent, and that of the rest, 15 percent did not contain the interviewer’s notes, 15 percent did not document the interviewer’s recommendation and few contained a checklist that certifies that all post-offer activities, including confirmation that the applicant meets suitability requirements, have been completed and met.


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