Audio: USPS launches new tech to help protect postal carriers from dogs


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Butch Rahne

Isn’t this old news. It’s been on my scanner for well over a year now.

Dianne Daley

New to them!

Kelly Stine

And like everything else, it sucks!!

Donna Kaple Trumble

My alerts are on my scanner only when I log in and tells me how many miles I am from the addresses. No alerts at or near the address. I know where they are but no one else would

Sheri Harrison

Same here. It only popped up on my scanner one time as I approached the address.

Amy Wyman Roberts

Mine just alerts when I first log in too. I know where it is but that’s not going to help a sub that’s not familiar with the route.

Loren Olson

I had mine removed because it would alert the dog I was there by going off in the yard.

Shannon Cole

My scanner had been doing this for over a year ??‍♀️

Cierra Shelton

It is very annoying.


We have this information in our scanners. The only problem is you can be 2/3 properties past the actual property that has the dog problem before it alerts you.
Lot of good the scanner does when you enter the property and it does alert you to after the fact. TOO LATE THEN – when your face has already been chewed off. Good job postal service – another postal SNAFU.

Mike Vaught

Mine goes after same place every day; 100 yards past the house with the bad dog.


Does that surprise you ? Just think about what happens when a sub carrier goes on the property and its too late – as we know, it’s never the postal service fault


Only way it works is if there is an alert actually put into the system. I am a carrier who got attacked because there was no alert.

Francine Reilly

Not new and with the GPS being so bad in our rural communities it doesn’t help us. Maybe it works for city carriers.

Clayton Norris

Another useless feature of our piecemeal scanners. Alert comes up in the office at time of scanner set up rather than on the street near problem address. Also no time credit given during mail count for scanner alerts, so they are skipped and not read during set up.

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