Atlanta USPS mail carrier explains why deliveries are coming later and later

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November 9, 2017

CBS46 stopped by the nearest 30318 mail sorting facility, and we saw trucks coming in and out as late as 8:30 p.m. They were still delivering to their routes, even though their shifts started at 7:30 a.m.

Most of the mail carriers were too afraid for their jobs to speak with us, but one woman was brave enough to tell us what’s going on, provided we didn’t show her face.

She said post offices are understaffed citywide, which forces carriers to take on extra routes, and it puts them in dangerous situations when they inevitably have to deliver mail at night.

“People are not aware that we’re out here still, and they don’t turn the lights on. We cannot walk in the dark, we’ll fall in a hole; there’s dogs out there,” she said.

The anonymous USPS employee said the tough working environment has some carriers quitting their routes at sundown, whether they’re finished or not, and some are looking for new jobs altogether, which does not help the understaffing issue.

She also described management treating employees worse in response to complaints about working extra hours.

Meanwhile, the official spokesperson for the post office sent CBS46 an e-mail saying they will begin investigating the issue of late mail delivery now, as if it’s the first time they’re hearing about it.

But we’re going to stay with this story until we get some real answers from them.


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Butch Rahne

Funny first time hearing about it. Happens all the time everywhere!

Mark Taylor

Yeah, there’s not a single spreadsheet anywhere with numbers of carriers on the clock past 8, or parcels delivered after 9, or management in the office until 10.

Sandy Shiek

First time they heard about it??? My ass

Deb Gober

Understaffed and stretched thin…..

Lisa Hooten

First time hearing about it, lol. That’s rich!

Karen Posey

Cuz ppl are to fricking lazy to go to a store!!l


Where’s the ❤ button on this comment!!! Keep right on making humans lazier and lazier..

River Melos

Some people don’t live near stores.

Shane Baxter

That what a car is for. To travel to the store.

Laurel Landess

And isn’t much easier? I am a carrier that regularly uses Amazon because I work too much to get time to go to the store. But I lug my own 50 pound bags of dog food myself because I wouldn’t dream of putting my carrier to that trouble. We are all getting back late also.

April Vinyard

What do they think is going to happen when the christmas rush REALLY hits?

Susie Schulz

I’m afraid

April Vinyard

Me too….

Valerie Moore

they do not consider looking ahead or planning or safety of the employees

Michele Warg

Me too!!

Misty Black

Every damn Saturday and Monday, for sure!!!! We had a team of people in our office this week, they were there to “fix us.” “Fixing us” starts with higher level of management, not management in our office. The PM and supervisors see the volume and they know… Higher up’s, they see numbers, that’s it.
I cannot carry 35ft of mail and all the packages and be back at a decent time! I would love to invite one of those jack-wagons to come and show me how to do it in a POV. Lol! It would take them 2 days!

Linda Cunningham

We had a bet with our station manager one time and he lost the bet. He had to go deliver the mail on the worst route in our station. Needless to say, several of us got sent out to save him that afternoon because he was so far behind. We have laughed for years about that one.

Michele Warg

Yup!!! Jack-wagon! Lol

Sabrina Phillips

Understaffed, hounded to death by higher levels that have no clue how to do our job, parcels way too big and heavy and rising in numbers, most people are lazy or don’t have time to shop at a store, etc.

Kim Phetteplace Greenlee

Need to have a ‘spend the day with a carrier’ day for the biggest whiners. Put their asses in the jump seat, and let them rode on a route…..preferably when it’s about 10 degrees out, or colder. LOL

Susie Schulz

Or 90 outside and 130 in the truck

Kim Phetteplace Greenlee

Yep, that will work, too!

Joanne Spicketts-Cooper

-20 some days here in Indiana! They should also come out when we are forced to work during a state of emergency!

Jennifer Spell

Lorraine Bragg Jennifer Paul

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