Armed robbers steal every package from Postal truck in 7th Ward

United States Postal Service fleet of vehicles on parking lot, U.S.A.

April 20, 2018

A United States Postal Service truck was robbed late Thursday morning in the city’s 7th Ward, New Orleans police said.

Around 11:19 a.m., a 27-year-old postwoman was walking back to the USPS truck near Frenchman and North Prieur Street when an armed man in a red mask demanded, “Give me this,” police said in a preliminary report. The woman complied as another man exited a nearby white Chrysler and removed all the packages from truck. Both men then fled in the Chrysler, police said.

NOPD notified the Postal Inspector, who said they are cooperating with the NOPD to find the suspects.

The postal worker acted in accordance with USPS general protocol in robbery situations.

“We’re more worried about safety than anything,” a USPS spokeswoman said. “Give them what they want. Do not fight. And try to be a witness for us.”


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Kim Avery

Are you kidding me? What next????!!!!!!!

Leland Grant

i am only surprised that the carrier wasnt issued discipline for not holding her satchel up to the robber – probably looking for a drug parcel


Good one – I am sure discipline will come sooner or later – no matter what happens, its always the carriers fault.

Pam McDaniel Cox

And for not spraying them with dog spray:(

Tatianna Dejour


Tarah Ann Glover


j. stelle

55 less Amazon parcels to deliver.

Tina Wagoner

If this happens to me
I think i would need clean clothes??☔️?

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