Are Changes to Standard Mail on the Horizon?

An unfortunate yet chronic criticism of the Postal Service is that it seems to not understand its commercial customers’ businesses. What they do, why they do it, what their business objectives are – all that seems too often to escape the USPS, despite decades of exchange between the agency’s personnel and its customers at a range of levels and venues.

To many in the commercial mailing business, as well as their clients and associated agencies, the latest example of this circumstance was an unexpected proposal the agency published for comment in the August 23 Federal Register. In what was described as an “advance notice of proposed rulemaking,” the Postal Service stated it was considering, and in turn sought public comment on, a change to the content standards for Standard (USPS Marketing) Mail. The revision the USPS described would limit what can be sent under the classification to only paper-based material, effectively excluding other small items and requiring them to be sent at a parcel rate.


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Gary Smith

OK Rural free delivery was started because Private companies could not make a profit doing it. Private companies would never deliver political stuff for the price PO does. Much of the US would never be Private. Most of that junk, (Hi I am running vote for me) ,The news paper ads, and other razor thin stuff never seem to go thru the machines and we get stuck sorting by hand.Very labor intense and costly for no profit. The industries should be pushed to understand the PO and mail machinable stuff. If it is labor intensive The PO should charge for… Read more »

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