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PMG DEJOY had a contract with the u.s. postal service that is what you called a contract of interest to damage the postal service please look into that fact check him and by law OGA OGI don’t suppose to pay him.

The p.o. has small p.o. across the nation. Most within 15 to 30 minutes of a large p.o the customers r served by rural carriers who can provide the same service a p.o. does. T.y. rc. A p.o. n marion ms. Costs $90,000 to $ 100,000/ yr to operate. It brings n $10,000/yr n revenue. These r good places 2 start ur cuts 2 save revenue. Exceess management is also a great place 2 cut expenses. Never hard a manager at any level say their job wasnt needed. U never will. When the p.o. made some cuts n mgmt 10… Read more »