Another new USPS Acting VP announced

Angela Curtis has been appointed Eastern Area’s acting vice president.

The area is home to more than 50 million customers in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia, Delaware, Kentucky, Western New York and portions of New Jersey, Virginia and Indiana.

Eastern Area has more than 85,000 employees who work in 35 processing and distribution centers, four national distribution centers and more than 6,600 retail and delivery units. The area’s operating budget exceeds $7.5 billion.

Curtis, a 26-year Postal Service employee, is Eastern Area’s operations support manager. Prior executive assignments include serving as district manager for Mid-Carolinas and Baltimore districts.

Joshua Colin, the current Eastern Area vice president, was recently appointed processing and maintenance acting vice president at USPS headquarters in Washington, DC.

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I wonder if she knows how much a stamp costs. ????

Did you put on your resume that you lost 2.3 billion last quarter???…you should be embarrassed to even show your fat face.

Can I please carry another part of management on my back while I do the REAL work??