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As I have long said,” if the Post office was a country, it’s banner would be the old Soviet Union hammer and sickle.” Welcome back to the communist Post office.


Sue them, for all they are worth, so you don’t have to go back working for these idiots!!!

Frank Matkowsky

Postal management is mostly assholes

James Ward

Check out the 2012 decision against the USPS for denying similar reinstatement to a Fort Myers Fl. postal carrier.USPS had to pay 13 years back pay and benefits to Mr Erickson,total cost of over 2 million dollars including legal costs.What the hell is wrong with this organization.Given the opportunity to do the right or wrong thing ,the post office always chooses the wrong one.This mentality has cost millions in litigation.Wait till they have to start paying out on the 2018 NRP decision because they did the wrong thing every step of the way.WHEN WILL THEY LEARN!!!!

Linda S Miano

They won’t learn. Personally, as a non-military person, I disagree with the “hold forever” policy for VOLUNTARY service. People are waiting to advance. But as long as the policy is in place…abide by it! Same with all policies, they do what they want and cry they can’t do their job. Qualified and ethical managers can do their job within the guidelines!
BTW same goes with Union leaders. We could use some qualified ethical ones as well!

Sofronia Graeves

Why is postal management so ignorant.It is like they behave this way just to be like each other.