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Grant Carter Graeves

Management falsifies almost all the numbers.Mail measurements scans delivered times.Missed expresses scanned attempted.


I second the motion


Gee, I’ve been saying that for years.


That sums it up in a nutshell. It’s all about numbers. Employees and destroyed mail don’t matter. It’s all about achieving performance goals to get their bonuses.


The pure slop of management has magnified greatly in the past couple of years. New DPS machine gives me a full tray of raw mail to case consistently, several loading carts have no sides and only 3 wheels, and what idiot asks me to scan letters and flats on a Monday…..


These horrible working conditions that letter carriers around the country face every day. I blame the NALC because it is rotten from the top to the bottom. In 2022 there most be an movement to throw Fred Rolando and the rest of the NALC officers out of office. Our current union leadership is in bed with management.

G shears

There is so much waste and corruption in the postal service its unbelievable , it starts and ends with management . They cook the books and make their numbers look good to justify their fat salaries and bonuses while wasting money on items that are not necessary. They try to micromanage carriers from behind a desk with no experience in the job their over. I agree, there needs to be an investigation. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians.

B. Smart

They think PTFs are robots with no fatigue or injuries.

Bruce Janssen

Worked as a clerk and as a carrier then promoted to management it worked with the post office 32 years Yes you have serious problems within the postal service management they keep promoting people they’re not capable of running their offices.they have managers and supervisors that all they do is set on their butt all day long trying to figure out how to save hours they’re not concerned about the welfare of their people or their customers the general public. Our postmaster at Harvest Alabama is most in that person I’ve ever met she doesn’t know how to add streets… Read more »

Tired and overworked

Yes the postal service does harass its employees it’s true. Employees literally work their butts off and are not respected by the management. I’m a newly retired carrier and am so happy to be away from that environment. The postal service has too many “Indian chiefs” and not enough “Indians”. Upper management has to justify their “cushy” jobs by making lower management get on carriers butts with ridiculous petty micro management. Carriers should be left alone to do their jobs as their jobs are physically demanding. It’s true the management tries to meet their numbers by harassing employees. A lot… Read more »