Amazon’s Prime Day sets company sales record

July 12, 2017

The tech giant on Wednesday reported record sales for its third annual Prime Day, beating out its numbers for previous Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping periods. In fact, Prime Day sales were higher than both shopping holidays combined in 2016.

Prime Day, which kicked off on Monday and offered 30 hours of deals, experienced a sales uptick of more than 60% compared to last year.

The company also added more Prime members in one day than ever before. Amazon required shoppers to be Prime members to participate in the sale.

While it didn’t give specific figures, Amazon (AMZNTech30) said “tens of millions” of Prime members bought something on Prime Day this year, up more than 50% than last year.


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Brande Magers Cullen Sierra Cullen

Nicole Gamble

Grateful that Im off til Tuesday!

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Nicole Gamble


Christopher Paradise

I’m glad I live nowhere near an Amazon facility.

Teri Howard

We had 12 pallets today. Not looking forward to tomorrow.?

Julie Platt

Oh gawd…

Scott Quinney

Job security!

Francine Reilly

Scott Quinney how is that job security when we don’t even get paid for all these parcels?

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^^^exactly^^^ ?

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Suuuure is nice of us eh Amazon?

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Francine Reilly amen

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Vanessa Renee’ Buff Melisa Wallace tomorrow is gonna suck!!!!

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I guess I will need to buy a bigger car fml.

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I sure hope I leave at my evaluated time

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Greg already said not to be in no hurry in morning

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No worries. I’m never in a hurry lol

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Me either especially today. I laid in bed till 7 lol

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Cool…no extra help though, huh?

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